Vauxhall Heritage Centre, Luton

Left: the first Vauxhall car from 1903 and right: the last car made at Luton, a Vectra

This little known collection of over 70 Vauxhall cars was an eye opener for us, all the better for having a Andy, our guide, with his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the brand.

The latest take on the company’s Griffin logo.

The Vauxhall name originated from the Vauxhall Ironworks in London. Reflecting the marine engines that the company produced, it was equipped with tiller steering, which can be seen just above the front seats.  This car just manages to take part in the annual London to Brighton run.

Perhaps surprisingly, Vauxhall first concentrated on up-market cars, several of which were produced for military staff. The military connection with Luton continued through WW2 with big production runs of Bedford vehicles and even Churchill tanks.

A line-up of Immaculate Victor models – you remember this type.

You’ll find much more on Vauxhall motors here. and the Facebook page is here.

Lunch at the Brache. thanks for photo Giles.