Shuttleworth near Biggleswade

12 of our members visited Shuttleworth, which must be an unsurpassed UK collection of vintage aircraft, many of which are preserved in flying condition – no mean feat. Somehow, they seemed to have the pilots to fly them as well from the adjacent Old Warden grass airstrip too, but we didn’t see that.

The sole Spitfire in the collection. The Supermarine Mark VC, Westland built, and undergoing restoration. It escorted USAAF bombers in 1942-43.

1912 Blackburn Monoplane – the oldest flying British aircraft in the world

1938 Gloster Gladiator

1941 Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B – built in Canada

See Hurricane video here

1916 Sopwith Triplane operated on the Western Front in 1917 by RNAS

Westland Lysander – used in clandestine missions over France

See video of the Lysander here

Canvas wings much in evidence here and old cars and motorbikes

Sorry, no group photo this time. Thanks Terry, Mo and Ron for organising the trip.