Programme 2016

Visits later in the year will be updated when arrangements have been finalised.

Date                                Visit/Link                                                             Lead

29 January                      Planning meeting

26 February                   BA Heritage Collection                                       Terry
.                                       Heathrow, near T5

28 March                       Markfield Beam Engine and Museum              Arthur
.                                       Tottenham

6 May                             Imperial War Museums                                       Terry
.                                       Duxford, Cambridge

1 June                             Buckinghamshire Railway Centre                     Pat/Margaret
(was scheduled             Quainton, Aylesbury
for 6 April)

5 – 7 June                      3 day/2night visit to Portsmouth                     Terry

June late                       Shuttleworth Collection                                       Ron/Mo
.                                      Biggleswade

July                                Battle of Britain Bunker                                       Peter
.                                     Uxbridge

August                          de Havilland Museum                                          Rod
.                                     London Colney

4 September               Barbeque, Terry’s House                                    Terry

September late          Bentley Priory Museum,                                      Howard
.                                    Stanmore, Middx.

October                      National Maritime Museum                                Rod
.                                   Greenwich

November                 RAF Halton,  Aylesbury                                        Grant

December                 Christmas Lunch